Alicia Pose enlightened us all during Science and Innovation Week at UC3M

From November 6 to 19, 2023, the Science and Innovation Week 2023 was celebrated at UC3M, featuring over 30 scientific outreach activities aimed at unveiling the University’s research and development efforts. The event included guided tours, workshops, round-table discussions, exhibitions, demonstrations, conferences, and more.

Alicia Pose led our group’s workshop titled: Ready Player One: El futuro en los quirófanos del presente.

In this engaging session, she delved into the fundamentals of Augmented Reality (AR) and demonstrated how we employ it to enhance surgical outcomes. During the workshop’s second half, participants had the opportunity to create their own AR applications, which they could then take home on their smartphones.

The workshop seamlessly blended learning and enjoyment, making it a memorable experience that combined scientific exploration with a touch of fun!