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Postdoc position at BIIG-IGT group, Universidad Carlos III (UC3M). Medical image processing for radiation therapy.


We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to work in the European EraPerMed project “Personalized Planning in RadioTherapy Through Integrative Modeling of Local Dose Effect and New Dosimetric Constraints (PrePlanRT)”. The project is focused on Radiotherapy for prostate cancer (PC). The objective is to predict toxicities to devise personalized treatments with reduced RT-induced morbidity and maximized local control. Image mining of 3D dose distribution in low spatial scales, by means of voxel-based methods, has highlighted the existence of radiosensitive sub-regions (SRR) responsible of radio-induced toxicity.The candidate should have experience in Deep Learning for Medical Imaging, and will develop new methods to detect SRR, predictors for toxicity, in different organs involved in PC RT. This will involve implementing DL based segmentation and registration in large databases of CT and MR images.

The postdoc will be part of BIIG-IGT, working not only in PrePlanRT project, but also in topics related to application of Artificial Intelligence in Image Guided Treatments: Surgical Navigation, Augmented Reality, Instrument Detection…

Duration: up to three years. Details and application here (code 2022/037): https://aplicaciones.uc3m.es/ConvocatoriasSI/publico/convocatorias.htm