An exciting week for the IGT Group at CARS 2021!

Our group has spent a great time discussing new visions on the future of medicine at CARS 2021 congress. Mónica, Alicia, David and Rafa have made a great job presenting their research results at the scientific session from ISCAS.

Mónica García Sevilla presented her work on Augmented reality for improved PSI placement in pelvic tumor resections.

Alicia Pose Díez de la Lastra gave a talk on Combining augmented reality and 3D printing to improve orthopedic oncological surgeries.

Besides, we could enjoyed the poster session where David García Mato and Rafael Moreta Martínez were sharing their works on Real-time bone fragment navigation for open cranial vault remodeling and a Smartphone-based augmented reality system for needle insertion guidance in sacral nerve stimulation, respectively.

Congratulations to all of you!

Check out some snapshots of our virtual poster and oral presentations. We hope next year we can join it in person!

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